• Greek green Conservolia olives are firmer than black olives — these aren’t your mama’s squishy green olives with limp pimento strips
  • Crisp and rich with olive oil goodness, they’re an ideal on-the-go snack anytime, anywhere
  • Minimally processed, with olive oil and a touch of salt. No food coloring or preservatives here
  • Natural source of antioxidant nutrients with a low glycemic index: just 1 gram of carbs per bag!
  • Kosher certified and only 35 calories
  • Paleo-friendly and a great option for people on Whole 30 or Ketogenic diets.

Green Stuffed olives dazzles as a flavorful and nutritious ingredient. Green stuffed olive truly delights the taste bud in each dish. Packing:




  • Delicious green Manzanilla olives with no stones.
  • These olives are packed with rich flavour and have a buttery texture.
  • Goes great with a pre-dinner aperitif!

Packaging Info: We package these olives in the same way that we serve them at our market stalls; in a simple plastic bag and dressed with extra virgin olive oil. For larger quantities (750g +) we can package these olives in a tub. If you have a preference, please leave us a note in the comment section when you are checking out. 

Storage info: Store your olives in the fridge, removing them about half an hour before you serve. We dress our olives with Extra Virgin olive oil which solidifies in the fridge, and needs time to thaw. Your olives will look and taste best at room temperature.

Fridge Life: 7 – 10 days



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